Craig Honeycutt


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At home on the Outer Banks

I did my first yoga session in Santa Cruz, CA in 1999 but didn’t start seriously practicing again until 2010 after a herniated disc changed my life. At the time I was dedicated to studying Aikido in Los Angeles and had to shift the focus of my world in a major way in order to avoid surgery. Yoga was a practice that brought great relief and healing and quickly became a main focus in my life. I have studied yoga with a variety of teachers and got my certification right here on the beach at Outer Banks Yoga. I am also proud to say that my wife and I have done yoga all over the world in places like China, Thailand and Hawaii as well as many locations here in the continental US.

It is my belief that yoga is one of the most beneficial and life changing practices you can do and I am passionate about sharing this practice with good people I meet in the world.


So Far, So Good

So Far, So Good

I have led a rich and diverse life with several careers thrown in. A lifelong musician, I have been lucky to have performed over 2000 times around the world and have written a major hit song (you can ask me about it). My life has been lived on the road, and in cities like New York and Los Angeles with a lot of time in Maryland, DC, Virginia and now North Carolina. Beautiful and inspiring places have been attractive to me and I have made homes in many of them including the Outer Banks where I currently live with my wife Tricia and daughter Vera. Traveling so much and performing I have learned about the connection between people and that in the end, everyone wants to feel good and have a productive life.